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Welcome to Deer Ridge Studio!

Hi I’m Donna and Welcome to my Studio!

I have loved art since I was a child like most artists. But for me, it wasn't something I thought I could pursue to earn a living. I went into accounting instead. I am also self-taught in computers and web development. But I was never satisfied, not really.

It has taken me 60 years to give up on the idea of making it big. I have chosen to make art instead. But, there are so many new tools and techniques to learn. I feel like I'm starting from scratch, what better place to start.

I have spent hours, probably too much time, researching and surfing the net to "re-educate" myself in the arts and the art of ceramics. I have found a lot of resources on my journey but didn't have the time to read them all.

So, I created a Resource section on my website for easy access to the links and to share them with others. There are only links on the pages, why re-invent the wheel and tell you about the site. You can read about each site for yourself when you visit it. But I hope you find the links useful and informative.

If you too have a creative side and would like to try out some basic classes, I am offering basic art classes for ages 9 & up and hand built pottery classes for ages 12 & up in my studio located in Walker Run in the Flowers Township. Please check out the classes page for more information.

Thanks for stopping by and stop by again! I'm always adding new things.

We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.
-- Joseph Campbell

I'm not sure what is waiting for me, but it should be quite an adventure to find out.