In the Beginning!

In the Beginning!

Class Schedule
Ages 9 – 11 Date: TBA Time: 0:00 – 0:00 (1.5 hour) Class Fee: $125.00
Ages 12 & 15 Date: TBA Time: 0:00 – 0:00 (2.0 hour) Class Fee: $155.00
Ages 16 & Up Date: TBA Time: 0:00 – 0:00 (2.5 hour) Class Fee: $185.00
Supplies Fee: $25.00
Class description

In this six-week session, you will learn the basic hand building techniques of Pinch Pot, Coil and Slab and by the end of the 6-week sessions, you will have at least 3 finished pieces ready for glazing in The Great Cover Up! class. If you attended the Try Before Your Committed ! class you will have that piece as well to glaze and decorate.

Class outline
    • Week 1 – Making Stamps and test tiles – We will make a few stamps and test tiles — that you will glaze in the last class. Test tiles are used to see how the clay and glazes work together and to choose the glazes you will want to work with in the classes.
    • Week 2 – Pinch Pot Method –  you will learn the Pinch Pot method to make an ornament. You will roll out the top of the ornament, cut it and decorate it before attaching it to the base. Then attach a “handle” for hanging. You can use stamps and scribe the clay to decorate it.
    • Week 3 – Coil Method – You will use coils to make a bowl, vase or dish. I will show you how to put them together and you can either leave all the coils as is, smooth out the entire piece or leave some coils showing, some smoothed out.
    • Week 4 – Slab building – This last method is using slabs to build a bird feeder. You can use stencils to scribe the slab, or use found objects, such as leaves, rope, or objects found at home. We will use hump or slump molds as well.
    • Week 5 – Finish all your pieces – sand and prepare for firing
    • Week 6 – Glazing the test tiles
Suggested Supplies

• Sketchbooks (6 x 9 to 11 x 14 inch, spiral bound suggested)
• Drawing pencil (#2 pencil works just fine)
• A good eraser and tape
• Tool/storage box for supplies – you may purchase your own tools
• Found objects to make impressions into the clay or to make a mold.
• Stamps

Class clay, glazes and firing will all be provided as part of the supplies fee. You may purchase your own clay, but it must fire to a cone 6, but due to the limited space you will have to take the clay home with you.

To register for this class visit In the Studio.


Plagiarism is the outright copying of another person’s ideas and artwork which is stealing and violates the right of the artist who created the work and the artist’s control of the work. Using various images found in a print or online for inspiration, copying from reference photos that you the artist has taken, significantly altering the original art so it becomes uniquely yours without violating the original artist’s rights, are not copying or violating the rights of others.


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